March 28, 2007

9:45 AM
The Hilton in Mesa, AZ is plush. Our room overlooks an atrium and we even have a small balcony to walk onto. So far, the dream has come true. Everything is totally 100% free and yes, that makes me a happy boy!! Well, happy man!! Not boy anymore.

The flight was smooth and Maggie handled it well.

She's fallen in love with this rattle toy that her friend Julie sent her. Well, they've never met, but hopefully they will be friends.

No baby no cry.. It wasn't a full flight, so we got to use the middle seat for her and her car seat. Momma fed her on take off and landing, so her ears didn't hurt or at least I don't think they hurt. That was a short 1.5 hr flight. Next big test is MAINE. 6 HOURS on April 4th. Oh boy.. oh boy.

The CUBS game was an 11-10 victory in 10 innings. Though I found myself rooting for the underdog ROYALS. CUBS fans are a loyal bunch. That game was sold out with me wondering where these people were from. I should have asked the neighboring folk. Oh well. By the way, our tickets were the best in the house. Behind home plate about 15 rows back in the shade. WOW!! Good time!!

Monica's sister Theresa lives in Phoenix so we were treated to a delicious BBQ. Maggie got to meet her dogs FOXY and PHILA. I think she liked them. They made her laugh.

Alright...ROUND 2 today.
Mike Park