December 04, 2003
11:33 AM

Did I tell you about my elbow? I'm too lazy too read over what I wrote the last few days, but I hurt my elbow playing basketball and now I can barely move my left arm and I have to play in Denver tomorrow. Oh boy. Better strat popping the advil. Went to an amazing basketball game last night. San Jose ST. University VS. Santa Clara University. It's only 7 blocks from my house and I just hop on the bike and I'm there in minutes. I love basketball by the way. I've given up on pro sports since I feel like most of the atheletes are spoiled rich mofos that need to be set straight. I love college sports. They play with such ferocity. San Jose St. is a commuter school and has no school spirit. They draw no people and it's quite funny to see the cheerleaders trying to pump up this crowd of nobody who doesn't care about them. They just want to watch some good basketball. Anyways, it's only $5 and it's right there downtown. Pretty neat stuff. Most of you probably don't care, butI really like it and it's just another reason I like San Jose. Especially downtown. After the game I rode my bike to Tobin from EEs house. He moved downtown a few months ago and we just never get to hangout so I made it my mission to get some food with him. We headed to 19th st to go to this taqueria, but it was closed. We ended up going to a place across the street. CASA VICKYS or something like that. It was actually quite good. Yummm... We headed back to his place and watched A MIGHTY WIND, but I was falling asleep. I've seen the movie 5 times and love it, but I guess I was just sleepy.. I rode my bike past the Camera Theaters CAFE. Saw my friend Gilber inside, so I stopped by and got some tea. Met his friend Latisha and talked about the love of san jose that we both share. It was freezing by the way, so the tea helped quite a bit. I rode home and along the way got asked for a cigarette, but I said I don't smoke. And he said to me "You trying to live forever". I said "No, I just don't like to smoke". And he said "That's cool".. The sky was super clear. Even though it was freezing out, it felt really nice to be outside riding in the night. Tonight I'm meeting up with a new friend I just met recently. We're gonna go for a walk and talk. Hope she's nice.

Peace always, Mike