March 26, 2007

2:25 PM
CHEATERS is the best show in the world right now!! Not in the history of television, but right now. Well, maybe not the best, but it's friggin good. You get an awesome glimpse of some of the best trash in the good ol' US of A.

Todays episode featured two girls who have been best friends since high school, whom share the same apartment and what do you know?? YUP!! Best friend starts cheating on best friends boy friend. With all the fish in the sea?
The host is so funny. Trying to make it all serious. But ya know what? It's not. I like when people who get caught don't care. They're just "Oh WELL". Then the host is like "Shoooootzzz... this won't be good for ratings". And then he tries to dramatize it all.

Anyways, yup..
Mike Park