March 20, 2007

9:32 AM
It's a dark morning. Clouds fill the sky here in the south bay. But we need rain and heck, I don't want to water the yard, so yes... Bring on the rain. Today was going to be the start of bike riding season for me. Meaning I would ride my bike everywhere as an alternative to driving the car, but the Rain... So perhaps tomorrow.

So yes, next week I go to spring training in Arizona. I got my tickets in the mail courtesy of the contest I never entered, but still won. Myself, Monica, and Maggie will head off on US AIR to Phoenix and then the MESA HILTON via our free rental car, and then to the game.

Maggie went to the doctor yesterday for shots. Want to see a baby cry? Take him or her to get shots and you will see fury like no other. It's tough on Monica. She cries along with her, but I kind of liked it. Not sure why? I knew she'd be alright, so I guess it was just fun to see a new emotion. That being RAGE!!

Ok, I'm off to do some mailorder. Be well.
Mike Park