March 19, 2007

2:21 PM
For some reason I feel busier than usual. And I hate that feeling. The idea of having nothing to do is quite pleasant. Any stress makes me miserable, but yup... I feel kind of behind on a bunch of different projects. Wondering what's up with me?

After I did that lecture at Cupertino High School last week, I was rewarded with a pizza from Little Caesers, which I thought was kind of funny, but of course I took it. I is good even Little Caeser's. Then I asked a few of the kids if they would do me a favor and go see a show featuring SHINOBU whom played last night. And though they assured me they would attend, not one was present. Ahhhh.... The love of music continues.

And speaking of Shinobu, they are seriously one of the best live bands in the world. Unbelieveable on many fronts:
A.Great songs
B.Great live show
C.Genuinely nice
-which drives me to once again believe that San Jose has no idea what is good. Of course, who am I to say or decide what is good or bad, but ya know.. Screw it. I'm friggin Mike Park and anything I say should be gold. I'm kidding of course. Well, maybe there's a little truth there.

My sister and brother in law adopted a beautiful girl named Naomi. She came home on Saturday and will fill our lives with joy. Unbelievable to see how little she is and to think Maggie was even smaller when she was born, but now Maggie is huge. Lifting weights, eating raw meat, and stuff like that.

I'll post some pics tomorrow. But yeah, I'm a little out of it right now, so I'm just going to stop writing. Peace, mike