March 14, 2007

9:50 AM
I woke up fairly early. Around 7 ish and made it to Asian Man at 7:50. And though the beginning stages of waking up were rough, I'm glad to get an early start. I took in mailorder at 9 AM as the mail lady commented this was the earliest we had ever made it down there. Well, yay for us eh?

I'm doing a lecture at Cupertino High School at 1 PM today. Wonder if it will be a clunker. You never know. We'll see. But they said they'll have pizza and soda for me. Isn't that nice.

I raked out 30 more bags of bark along the side of my house. Now it's finally taking shape. The best part is that you don't have to water BARK. And after a few more years the trees that I planted last year will be able to survive without water. And finally my job will be done.
Mike Park