March 13, 2007

8:27 AM
Maggie is lying next to me on the bed. She keeps looking at me and randomly talking. Nonsensical talking, but talking nonetheless. And kicking.. Kicking like crazy. I like holding her up to stand on my stomach and then she'll start kicking and it kind hurts. But I like it.

I've been trying to finish off the landscaping at my house. A local friend named MORGAN works at OSH and gets 20% off EVERYTHING!!, so I bought 17 bags of bark at $3.99. I didn't measure the amount of surface that needed to be covered and unfortunately the 17 bags only covered a fraction of the surface. So he went back and got me 34 more bags. Then I thought....what would this cost if I had ordered it bulk from a rockery and DOH!! I ended up spending an extra $70. Oh well.

NCAA tournament starts this THURSDAY. I'm going to devote 12 NOON til' whenever to strictly watching basketball. Yes, I'm a winner.
Mike Park