December 03, 2003
5:39 PM

Just ate some soup and my belly is warm and my tummy is happy and my mouth is smiling. Last night, I went to San Francisco to go to a Japanese end of year party for this company called ANTINOS MGMT. That means free food for me. I met up with Miya from asian man in front of the restaurant, but we were the first ones to arrive so we went for a walk and talked about people we hated. It's kind of fun to do, though I try to see the good in everyone. There's no denying I hate certain people and it's fun to talk smack with your friend. Back to the restaurant, people started filtering in. Tried out my Japanese on the different people at the party and got a lot of "Hey, you speak good Japanese". Thanks...Give me a prize!! The restaurant was bezelnut or something. It was on Union St. in SF. A very upper middle class region. Lots of yuppy types who look very clean.. and safe. Not my scene, but FREE FOOD was coming. So we went inside and I knew it was gonna be good when the host said everything is on us, please order lots. AND THAT'S WHAT I DID. Veggie Gyoza, Edamame, fried tofu, Vegetable Curry, and yes...I ate some sashimi. I'm sorry. I'm a bad vegeterian. I've never claimed to be 100% veggie and I should make it clear now that I try my best, but I love SUSHI!! It's so good. My face is scrunched up while I write "IT'S SO GOOD". I ate so much... And I ate more. I even had a cocktail just because it was $8. And I had a coke, dessert, and Green TEA. I figured my bill would have been at least $80. Why do I find so much pleasure in free stuff. It makes everything taste better. It's silly. Well, the night finished and I made the hour drive back to San Jose and read email and answered email for 2 hours. I crashed out and woke up early. Only about 5 hours sleep for me this time around. Today I've just working, but I'm working at such a snails pace. What's the deal.. I need to get out the rut.

Peace, Mike