March 12, 2007

10:25 AM
Happy Monday!!
My allergies are acting up. Watering eyes.. Itchy Itchy Itchy!!

Our friend Virginia had a little party for their wedding. Tiki themed we only got to hang out for a bit, but got to see this pinata get smashed and hey...what's better than candy flying out of a paper mache creation.

Maggie was intrigued by the colors of our friend Eidelyn as she sat comfortably in her arms.

And then off to Santa Cruz to see Dan Potthast rocking a living room

More pictures...Here's James Rickman Ex Slow Gherkin rocking it out.

and of course the Huxtables doing what they do best.

I love these house shows at the famous P ST. It's fun to see how many people they can cram into this small house. There was a good 50 people in this small little room.

Maggie got to go to the beach for the first time. Hopefully she'll love the ocean as much as I do.

Peace always,
Mike Park