March 08, 2007

7:28 AM
I probaby get at least 2 calls a day from phone solicitors and yesterday was no different. For some reason I usually listen to them deliver their shpiel(is that a word?) and then politely say "no thanks".
Well, yesterday, I got a call from my credit card company saying that I won a trip to spring training and specifically to see the Chicago Cubs. Thinking it was a phone solicitor I just listened and listenened. My final words were "There's no catch"? Hmmmm.. About 6 years ago I signed up for a credit card at an Oakland A's game so I could get the free beach towel they were giving out. For some odd reason I picked the CUBS as the team that would be pictured on my credit card. Maybe it was to impress the Chicago land friends? Who knows...? But now 6 years later, I'm going to spring training in Mesa, Arizona. All expenses paid. I've never really won anything before except for a cake walk once when I was 6. But yeah, I still don't fully believe it. There's got to be a catch. ???? We'll see.

My ongoing attempt to get rid of all my junk has it's ups and downs. In theory, I feel there's someone in the world that wants what you have. No matter how how obscure you think said item would be, there's someone who wants it. Well, not fully true as I've had a lot of stuff come and go unsold, but I scored big time on this bruce lee book.

Years ago, somebody got this for me as a gift when I was in Japan. But I can't remember who? or why? Well, maybe I know why. But I put it up for sale on ebay and it sold for $97. DAMN!!! Now I can afford to buy groceries. YAY!!

No matter how hard I try it seems the amount of junk never goes down. Wonder if I'll ever be able to get rid of it all? Wish me luck.
Mike Park