March 06, 2007

Good Morning!! I've been neglecting this blog more and more. Each day becomes a trivial attempt at writing, as I feel the news of playing with my daughter will get tiresome to you. But then again, that's my life at the present and well.... here we go. More Maggie.

The little one is friggin talking up a storm lately. I held her this morning as she went "COO COO COO" many times. It's fun to see her progression in life. She'll smile at you, then make a sad face, and smile again within a few seconds. What's going through her mind?

After putting Maggie to bed, I ventured over the hill last Friday, driving as slow as humanly possible trying to get the best gas mileage. Driving slow is fun. Watching people race pass me at high speeds is scary. Or driving past an accident scene is even more scary. And I realize that driving safe can't prevent a crazed driver from plowing into you. ummmm.yeah, on to brighter things:

We walked over the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday. Though I've done this numerous times, it's always fun for me. Joining in on the tourists, taking pictures and enjoying a rare sun filled day in San Francisco is hard to beat.

Hey Look!! Pretty background eh?

I've had an insane sweet tooth of late. I have no dental insurance and I've had a piece of my back right lower molar fall out and then just yesterday a piece of my front tooth fell out. Yikes!! I can't bare to go to the dentist and hear exactly what's going on in there. My friend Mike Hale just had two teeth extracted. OUCH!!

Again, on to better things..
Mike Park