February 28, 2007

8:25 AM
Wednesdays are closed at ASIAN MAN and today is Wednesday. What does this mean? Well, it usually means I still do some work, but it also means I can sleep in, perhaps stay up a little bit later the night before, or run errands that are necessary. And I ended up watching the 1988 DEPECHE MODE documentary called 101 until 2 AM. Amazing!! But yeah, the rationale is that I could sleep in as long as I wanted, yet I still woke @ 7 AM? Hmmmm....
What can you do?

Before the movie, I picked up James Rickman from the SJ airport @ 10 PM. He was flying in from NEW YORK to do a west coast tour with his rock band called the RINSE. James used to sing for the band SLOW GHERKIN, but now resides in QUEENS amongst all the hipsters of the lower east side.

We drank tea and ate pasta at my house before he departed to his home town of Santa Cruz. I am letting his band rent my big ol' red van. Geeeez, I hope it makes it. I got it all tuned up and ready to drive, but they are going all the way to SALT LAKE CITY and that means lots of wear and tear on my sweet little van.

I've recorded a new song called ROGER STAUBACH PLAYS THE LEAD. It will be on the new PFP compilation. Yeah, I'm sure you're all freaking out about it eh? No? Oh well.

Every night before I go to sleep I stare at my daughter as she rests peacefully in her crib. I smile and stare some more and then I go to sleep.
Mike Park