February 22, 2007

8:51 AM
It's raining in sunny California and though I'd love for it to shine year round, we need rain. Monica and I had walked by the local reservoir and noticed it was low, so yes...rain rain rain. Come on now!!

It's been nearly a year now that we've canceled our cable. In hopes of weaning myself off of television. But I still find myself trying desperately to move the rabbit ears around to get a decent reception. Last night, I tried to get ABC in to watch LOST, but this is the best I could get. ARGGHHH!!!

How I love the mindless entertainment of TV. Can I keep up this divorce? Hopefully.

Anyways, I went to DE ANZA college yesterday and did a lecture for BRAD KAVA'S (a writer for the San Jose Mercury News) journalism class. And though I usually hate these experiences, it was quite enjoyable. So perhaps more in the future. Now if I can only figure out how to get paid doing these? Just kidding!! Kind of. Un poquito.

And what about Maggie? Still wonderful, though she woke up screaming during the night. Nightmare? I guess. Perhaps visions of her daddy's beard ever growing beard due to the fact that he can't find the charging adaptor. WHo knows? What does a baby dream about? Regardless, it's unsettling to hear your baby scream and then see her facial expression full of horror. Scaaary!!
Mike Park