December 02, 2003
2:57 PM

Just A Fire just came by to see the world famous asian man records GARAGE.(Yeah right, world famous eh) They're on their way to Santa Cruz. They rocked the Bottom of the Hill last night. All the bands were great. The headliners were called From Monument To Masses and they were really good. I enjoyed all the bands and then finished the night off with a burrito at El Farolito in the mission. mmmmm... mmm.. mmm..mmm... It's so good. The green sauce(this avacodo type salsa) was especially amazing. I could just drink it like a cocktail. It's that good. I hurt my left arm playing basketball today. Ouch... I'm in pain. I hope it doesn't get worse. It's really starting to hurt. Am I whining? I'm gonna eat some food and get back to work. I'm slacking a bit today.

Peace, mike