February 20, 2007

8:11 AM
Well well well... No haircut yesterday!
My hair is still the same. A bushy mop that just kind of sits on the top of my head. This is usually fine. My hair has never been a big issue as I've usually been happy with it whether long or short, but the results of shaving your head and then watching it grow doesn't work. Think CHIA PET. Everything sprouts evenly and has nothing to guide itself. Ahhhhh... I'm making no sense.

I hate wasting food. The biggest heartache is looking in the fridge and seeing something in the rear that has something growing on it. Especially if it's something you really like. Yesterday I cleared out a bunch of stuff and had to make that very important decision on some items. Ya know???? Expired by a few days, but still smells and looks ok. There was some leftover pasta from about 7 days prior and it smelled ok, so I ate it. But I was left being paranoid all day thinking in 10 HRS I'd be throwing up from food poisoning. OUCH, but I'm ok. YES!! I win.

It's now Tuesday and tomorrow is midweek. Yikes!! Time if flying like usual. By the way, my wife loves reading Hollywood gossip. http://pinkisthenewblog.com /> And now I'm addicted. Tabloid mania here I come.
Peace, mike park