February 16, 2007

Good Morning!
It's 8:45 AM
Happy Friday! Monica made chili last night and I'm stinking up the house. I feel bad, but the body can't help it. I'm sitting on an exercise ball with Maggie in a sling, but she doesn't seem to enjoy it. Which is strange since she's usually at peace in this position. What is gong on?

Yesteday, I received two gifts in the mail. Here is the first from Dan Andriano and his wife Sunshine. Ahhhhh....

And here's one from my friend Diana and her boyfriend Ryan.

Misfits baby shoes. Damn, they are marketing the heck out of aging punkers. Pretty insane.

Well, please enjoy your weekends. I will try to escape tonight and visit some friends from Japan, but most of my weekend will be spent pulling weeds. Oh boy.
Mike Park