February 15, 2007

7:49 AM
Good Morning.
For the last couple days I've been suffering through a pinched nerve in my neck. The cause:Not 100% sure? Monica said she saw me sleeping awkwardly. Neck twisted on the side of the pillow. OUCH!! But yes, I look like Steve Caballero. Neck tilted to the right. Makes driving a blast as I try to look to the left to see oncoming traffic. BEEP BEEP

Well.... Valentines day can be a pain for many, but when you're married to this wonderful girl, things are a breeze.....

There is no stress on doing the spectacular, just a bouquet of flowers and she's more than happy. For dinner, we went to our favorite restaurant. Tofu Com Chiey. 9th and Santa Clara in San Jose.
This isn't the place you bring a date. This is just a small little hole in the wall that serves the best vegan food.(I'm not Vegan) Ben, is the owner and he's number uno!! He knows everyones name that comes in. What a guy!! He even baby sitted for at least 10 minutes while we ate. Yes, Ben is the best.

Here I am getting ready to feed Maggie some SARACHINE. YUMMMM.....

Dinner included Pho for 2, fake Chicken on a stick, two sodas.
Total PRICE=$15 +$2 in the tip jar and $17 for a Valentines date dinner with my wife.
Mike Park