February 13, 2007

Good morning baby. It's 8:21 AM
This picture is exactly 5 minutes old, this is where she's at this very moment. Very rare for her to sleep in this swing. I had thought "DOH", what a waste of money just a few weeks ago and now I'm like yeah...!!!

Look what showed up in the mail yesterday...

The beauty of trade has once again blessed me. Yes, that is the LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY. Currently going for $80 on AMAZON. And the BLADE TRILOGY, currently going for $1.27 on AMAZON. Just kidding. I have no idea what that's going for. Actually, I like BLADE. But it's not something I'm running to watch again. Maybe to see Jessica Biel kill vampires. Hmmmm....

But yes, all I had to trade was a t-shirt and 10 cd's. Oh what fun!

Ahhhhh.. this is what happens when you stop doing yard work.

I spent a good four hours last Saturday trying to pull these weeds and ouch! My back! The weeds aren't so bad, actually these are clovers mostly and they just don't pull so easily. Anyways, come on you people who live in the SAN JOSE area!! Want to come over and help me do yard work?? PLEASE?? I'll pay you $8/HR and I'll give you free cd's. How about this weekend? Somebody help.
Mike Park