February 09, 2007

11:40 AM
It's tough when you're not a picture taker, but you love pictures. Does this make sense? I love looking through photos, but when it comes to taking them, damn... I'm a slacker. And now that I have this ability to post photos on this here blog....WELL, there's no photos to be looked at. My bad.

I went to San Jose State basketball yesterday using my fake ID. Of course, no problem getting in. Though I'm 37 years old, I can still pass for a college kid. F#*K YEAH!! Me=Winner... And SJSU even won. They are now 4-19. Damn...They are good!!

Monica and I will bring Maggie to Grandma's house for dinner tonight. Korean food is good for the soul.
Peace out,
Mike Park

PS-I just did this interview for this online zine. If you want to check it out.. here it is