February 08, 2007

9:47 AM
A productive meeting with MACLA gives me new energy that I can suceed in pushing the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION to a reality instead of a continued duldrum. We meet again on Saturday and then next Tuesday. More meetings than I had the entire year of 2006. Woopdeedoo. Hopefully most of you know what the heck I'm talking about.

ANyways, the weather is dreary here as we are supposedly having some storm, but I'm still waiting. My friggin yard is a mess. Weeds are starting to grow back and I'm wondering why did I let it get to this point. ARggghhhh!!! If I don't act fast I'm going to be in big trouble.

Regardless, life is good. My daughter is starting to really go for it. Smiling, kicking, talking(well, not talking more like ga ga ing) and it's fun. But it's a busy day, so here I go. Back to work.
Mike Park