February 07, 2007

6:49 AM
I'm at work early today as I need to meet up with MONKEY front man Curtis Meachum before he heads off to Jolly ol' England for tour. Somehow this became the only convenient time for both of us to meet, so "WALA"....an early start!! Which is actually good. I've got much to do and this is blessing in disguise.

These past few days have become quite productive for yours truly. I've made steps in the right direction in terms of the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION project I've been working on for 4 years. My ongoing struggles with motivation have turned a corner as I've met up with an old punk rocker named James Lavigna from the San Jose area who is on board to help. So I'm back on track with the opening of an all age venue in the bay area. Nice Nice Nice...

We're going to meet up with a fellow non-profit called MACLA which is located on S. 1st St., downtown San Jose. Hopefully we can soak up some wisdom. Oh, I hear Curtis pulling up now. Better go.
Be well.
Mike Park