December 01, 2003
3:05 PM

It's raining pretty steadily right now. Just a slow pitter patter of rain. I like the rain, it's pretty and it washes everything away. It makes everything smell clean and fresh. I saw a movie last night called Flesh and Blood. It's a documentary about a woman who lives in Fairfield that adopted 13 children who suffer from various dissabilities. Very powerful movie. I'm so thankful to have seen it. It puts a lot of things in perspective. I realize more than ever that I am so blessed and I just want to do more in my life than what I'm doing. It motivated me to sign up for 3 new volunteer opportunities including playing guitar at a senior center. It's so silly when I think about the things that I bitch about. I've got nothing to complain about. Anyways, I went with my friend Ken Lee. He's a great guy. He comes from the most dysfunctional Korean family that I know. It's fun to talk and walk with him. We walked for nearly two hours last night. Stomping through the autumn leaves as we walked through the brisk evening. It wasn't too cold, though I had a million layers on. Oh well. So is life ya know. I'm looking forward to more walks and more talks. Tonight, I'm going to see Just A Fire in San Francisco. I'm excited.

peace always, Mike Park