January 23, 2007

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8:54 AM
January 23rd
Let's talk more about the stomach flu. Much much much different than your common FLU. The stomach flu puts you in an awkward scenario where you are keeled over in a motionless state, moaning as you wait for the next time you will vomit. After said action, you are temporarily relieved until more vomit ensues. Does this sound like fun? No, it's not. I had done pretty good for myself in terms of not getting the stomach flu. Believe it or not, I used to get some kind of stomach ailment at least once every.....hmmmm... 18 months or so, but I had been nearly 5 years removed from this experience and perhaps I let my guard down.

Who knows?? But I'm ok now, so woopdeedoo!!

Backtrack to last Friday....
Arrived in sunny San Diego around 1 PM as the bride and groom(Matt and Laura) to be, picked me up at the airport. It was the first time meeting them and they were lovely people. They took me to my hotel right by the harbor. HAMPTON INN, I got double beds even though it was just me. But I kind of like that cause I can sleep in both beds. Kind of a game as I'm crazy, so yup..

We got some food at the neighboring Mexican food joint. Thinking San Diego was pretty famous for their fish tacos, I went for it and was heavily disappointed. Gosh, I wish I could remember the name. It was so bad. ARGGHH!! I'd like to give them a proper scolding. And they got my order wrong and my newlyweds to be order wrong.

Realizing we only had a few hours til' the rehearsal, I excused myself so I could practice the marriage ceremony. For complete strangers to entrust me on the most important day of their lives is a huge honor I must say and I want to make sure I do a good job. Ya know what I'm saying???

The wedding was on this boat

The wedding director in charge looked like a guy who sold tobacco on the sidewalk. I don't know what the heck I'm saying? Ummmm.... He had a big mustache and anyway, he was pretty set in his ways. Giving everyone direction which was great. No qualms from me.

But we didn't run through the actual marriage reading, so I didn't get any practice. Just the order of entrance and departure, etc.. Afterwards we headed out for the rehearsal dinner, where I was escorted by Matt's mom and boyfriend. Small talk to pass the time and then to our final destination. More Mexican food, but this time better grub. There was a good selection of veggie food, so I opted for TOFU taquitos and veggie tamales. Actually, the food was kind of bland, but it felt healthier going down. Oh well. I sat across from the best man, also named Mike and found the common interest in Degrassi the Next Generation. His fiance whose name I don't remember was the real fan, but yeah that bond pulls strangers together.

And that was it. An early night that put me back in my nice hotel where I watched cable tv til' I passed out.

Free continental breakfast ended at 10 AM, so I headed downstairs to eat free food.

Not much to eat, but free!!

I went for a long walk to explore the San Diego harbor. Enjoying being a tourist, doing what I love to do..i.e. WALK!!
Two hours of walking put my legs in much pain and I needed to do some last minute preparation for the wedding, so I headed back to the hotel. A hot shower, into my suit, and off to the wedding.

It was a small gathering of around 60 people. I nervously took my place and the proceedings began. And 10 minutes later, it was done!! I'd give myself a B grade. I stumbled a bit during the readings. I will get better, I promise....so those of you who want to hire me, contact me DAMMNIT!!

Dinner was great, the cake even better, but I didn't know anyone and I was a bit uncomfortable. I said my good-byes to the loving couple and headed back to the hotel. The brides father gave me a check that I didn't look at until I left. And to my surprise it was $250. YEAH!!! I was only expecting $100. Damn, what a nice surprise. And they paid for my flight and hotel. Nice...

But then I paid the price the next day with the stomach flu, so what cha gonna do??
Have a good week people.
Mike Park