January 08, 2007

9:10 AM
Monday Monday.. I've been up since 7 AM. That seems to be the norm lately. My body is up and going at the early hour, which is fine. It actually makes for some good bonding time with this girl.

Yeah, she's cute eh? Already 52 days old. Unbelievable!!

But she's now at an age where we feel it's ok to take her out. She had her major shots last week and the doctor says go!! So, we're gonna start taking her out to the store and all the good places so she can see, hear, and experience the world outside. It's exciting!!

We trekked our way up to San Francisco to visit Monica's cousin Scott's new baby boy. Only a week old.. So precious.

His mom Judy was visiting from the great state of Maine, so we got to spend some quality time with them and eat burritos from the Mission.(Area in San Fran that has the best Mexican Food, this is no Buffalo, NY Mighty Taco Bollocks) I would have to say it's my favorite food in the world. Well, maybe second favorite to Korean food.

I've been sporting this mustache for the last week.

It's great to watch people do a double take when you walk by. Or when you talk to someone, that isn't a close friend. Just an acquaintance. Like the receptionist at the gym. They're like "Oh... hey, have a good workout". But they're thinking "What in the world is that"????

All right I better get back to work. Before I do, I wanted to say thanks to my mom's neighbor Mary Anne who helped us take care of my sisters dog Max while she was away for the holidays. Can't express our gratitude. It was mucho helpful.

Be well people.
Mike Park