January 06, 2007

8:34 AM
Oh goodness... I've been up since 7 AM. Sleeping in spurts as we try to get Maggie acclimated to the crib. Waking up every few hours to shrieking cries. The doctor says not to spoil her at this age, so we try to let her cry and fall back asleep, but we're both terrible at it. We just want to pick her up and hold her, comfort her, tell her a story. Whatever it takes. Is it so bad to already want to protect your child from everything and anything that interferes with her enjoyment.

But it makes for a terrible night of sleep. Oh well, what can you do. I've got the baby attached to my stomach via the magical sling that really is a miracle worker. You can get some work done while baby sleeps comfortably. I love it.

We've had a constant flow of visitors the past 2 months. It's nice to have people come over when you can't really leave. Yesterday, Alex Eaves who used to be the t-shirt sales guy for ANTI FLAG who was vacationing with his girlfriend Brianne in Cali stopped by. What a nice guy. It's totally out of the way, but they still managed to come by. Nice of them. Up next is Jenny Choi. She's coming on Monday for 3 days. Monica is excited. I couldn't care less. Just kidding Jenny.
Be well.
Mike Park