January 03, 2007

10:35 AM
The clouds are opening as sunlight streams through meaning many things in this lopsided head of mine.
C.Sun=Getting better!!
And C wins. I feel much better today. Dosing up on huge portions of zinc and shoving done disgusting pills called WELLNESS. Ouch, that can give you a stomach ache if taken without food. BLAH!!

But alas, I'm feeling human again. Damn, I took the flu shot last in November. Isn't that supposed to protect me? Oh well.

Myspace is a strange phenomenon. Hardly anyone can stomach the fact that they are addicted. And yes, me included. What a friggin amazing ingredient to promoting a musician. Strangely, Myspace has added Mike Hale(New addition to Asian man) on their MUSIC page. How did this occur? Why did this occur? We have no idea, but in two days since being added to this page, he's received over 40,000 plays. 40,000!!! Previously, he had only 6,000 since he joined two months ago.

What a random draw this is? Why was he chosen out of millions of artists? Who knows, but that's cool....!!!!

Last Saturday, Monica and I went on our first dates since Maggie was born. We watched Night at the Museum while eating buttered popcorn and drinking large sized cokes. Not the healthiest of choices, but hey!! We were in the moment. Half way through the movie, I noticed a chuck of my lower back molar had fallen off. My tongue continually rubbing the new groove that had now appeared. I must have thought it was an unpopped kernel and spit it out. I have no dental insurance. What to do? Is anybody a dentist out there? Can you hook me up? Is your dad a dentist? Come on, help me!!! A discount at least?

Well, the movie was haphazard and now I was missing a part of my tooth and worst of all, I think eating the junk food put me on the path of sickness. Sunday early afternoon, it hit me. The fever started creeping up and the throat just burned. Yes, Happy New Year to me!!

On New Year's Eve, we tried to put little Maggie to sleep, but she fussed and fussed, so Monica held her and passed out with her in her arms by 9 PM. I celebrated the rest of the night watching season 8 of the Simpsons drinking hot tea whilst bundled in heavy layers of clothing. Ahhhh!! The fun of parenting puts New Year's Eve into a new light. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So here we are...JAN. 3rd, 2007. WOW!! Again, Happy New Year to all.
Peace always,
Mike Park