December 28, 2006

8:34 AM
I've been up since 6 AM. Sleeping in the other room in hopes of getting a bit of extra sleep to fight off this tinge of sickness that's dwelled up inside. But to no avail. It's odd to me as I'm extremely tired, but the body just doesn't want to rest right now. Hmmmm...

My street is littered with excess garbage. What is protocol on post Xmas garbage/recycling? My tubs are overfilled with aluminum, plastic, glass, paper. I threw everything in a big box. Nothing is separated. Will they still take it? And then I have 4 extra bags of garbage just lined up next to the trash can. Will they take this? I hope so.

It's strange to think it's already Thursday. Trying to dictate what day of the week it is whilst all the merry of xmas finally drains away. The post xmas blues hits hard meaning that your holiday is soon to be over and it's back to the constant which is work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep. But all the while, we still know that the next holiday is just a week away. New Years!! And then it's for certain work, eat, sleep. Doh!!
Mike Park