December 27, 2006

9:34 AM
I just spent the last 50 minutes trying to calm Maggie. Monica is at a Dr's appointment and that leaves daddy to take care of baby. I have her in our car seat where she is bundled up. Swinging her back hoping she will fall asleep.

It's actually 10:46 AM now as I seem to have to get up every 3 minutes to swing her. I'm exhausted right now. I'm very blessed/lucky/fortunate to have a flexible schedule. I can't imagine having a 9 to 5 job right now. ARgghhh!!

I have a sling that usually works. The inventor of this thing must be a rich man. This is nothing more than a piece of fabric that goes full circle. You fold it over once and "PRESTO" you have a sling. Usually this is magic, but it only worked for a few minutes and it was back to crying crying crying

My worst night yet as I am in desperate need of a little power nap. WIsh me luck.
Peace always,
Mike Park