December 25, 2006

9:59 AM

Unbelievable!! It doesn't feel like Xmas at all. Even though I've been wearing these XMAS pajama pants for 5 days straight.

I have to admit they are quite comfortable. Perhaps I should wear these year round. Including day time activity i.e. work, gym, hiking, bicycling, going to shows, etc..

My brother in law and sister are leaving for Detroit in a few hours, so I will make the trek up to San Francisco and drop them off at the airport. We celebrated Xmas last night at my moms house. Exchanged gifts and sang silent night. Seriously. We did. Not the best rendition, but hey! At least we tried.

I'm feeling a little funky, funky meaning sick. My friend Miya and Ches came by to visit on their way to Sacramento via Los Angeles around 2 PM yesterday and that's when I started to get a little lump in the throat. Cough and a bit of a headache. So I started a crash course in wellness. Two emergency vitamin packs and about a gallons worth of herbal tea. Followed that up with 3 wellness tablets at 6 PM, another 3 at 9 PM and then crashed out soon after waking up at a bit past 7. At least nine hours of sleep and a positive attitude hopefully will get me through this.

My gym is open today. The Jewish Community Center open from 8 AM- Noon. Nice... I went there as soon as they opened and sat in the hot sauna with a liter of water. Step 2 in beating any illness. though I have no idea why this would be good for me. It's my own little therapy which probably is worse for me. Anyways....sweat, sweat, sweat and now I'm back home. I feel extremely tired, but the lump in my throat is gone. Is this good news? Am I a doctor?

Alright... What about my little baby you say? Shouldn't that make things more festive? Well, of course. She's a friggin good baby.

But she doesn't know Santa yet. When she knows Santa then I will go Xmas crazy. I will even dress up as Rudolph!! No Holds Barred!!

Alright... Be well people of the world. FELIZ NAVIDAD!!
Mike Park