December 18, 2006
9:44 PM

My trusty web guru Blake Reid has made it so I can post pictures on my friggin blog. Here is a picture of my mother in law Rhonda during her stay with us. She went back home to Maine this past Saturday and we miss her dearly. Let's test this and see if this works. Hmmm

Nice... that worked. Okay, more then. My sister in law also came and visited. I think she kind of looks like Dave Groehl from Nirvana/Foo Fighters. What do you think?

My baby has been super fussy lately. Crying all the time. Hopefully this is a passing phase. Please stop crying... My wife kind of looks like homer simpson. what do you think? From the right angle, maybe this isn't the best picture to judge this by. hmmm...

Ahhhh... I like this photo thing.
Be well.
Mike Park