November 27, 2003
2:08 PM

I AM THANKFUL FOR:Green Tea, Ice Cream, my bike, my guitar, my mommy, Tofu Com Chiey, Music, my friends, comic books, my portable heater, cats that are cuddly, people who smile big, nice people, the smell of pies cooking, the smell of the morning air, airplanes, Degrassi High, cute girls, all girls, pictures, the camera theaters, basketball, my health, trivial pursuit, my white van, my new shoes, not being michael jackson, chinese food, all food, girls who ride vintage bikes and smile, the ocean, and much more...!!!

Happy Tofurkey day or Turkey day.... I'm not sure what your preference is. Should I go into the historical significance of this day or just leave it as a family day and to be thankful.. I'll leave it with the latter. So here I am with my family and we're getting ready to head over to my dads cemetery. That's not always so fun, but it means a lot to my mom, so we always go out there on the holidays. This is a big weekend for me as my life completely changes for the next 4 weeks as asian man records turns to complete insanity . Our business quadruples and so the fun begins. Wish me luck. I actually think it's fun, so don't worry about me going crazy. Last night, I got to see my friend Marc Flynn. He lives in Boston and used to play with BIG D and Drexel. His dad lives 5 minutes from me in this amazing house by the reservoir. We watched Fast Times At Ridgemont High and ate pizza. What a friggin amazing movie that is. I love it. Came home at around 11 PM and played guitar until 3 am. No good songs were produced, but I just strumming and singing away. Fun for sure. I'm excited about music again!! WOOHOO!! Anyways, be well and be nice to people.

Peace always, Mike Park