December 16, 2006

8:44 AM
I'm wearing pajamas that my friend James had given me about 7 years ago. They are X-mas themed with gingerbread man, reindeer, candy cane, santa, xmas tree, and a red star planted all over the place. My guess then and now is that he got them as a gift and they were too big for him, so I am now the owner. And that's great. I love re-gifting. I'm pretty sure I've touched on this previously, but yeah...I'm all about re-gifting. As either the re-gifter or the re-gifted. It's all good to me. In fact, I've got some great re-gifting ahead of me.

My sister is in a Xmas play at her church. She has the role of some dancer. My brother in law didn't get a role. so he is stuck as an extra. He had to grow his beard out, so for the last few months he's looking like a member of Hot Water Music. My injured mom is going to try and venture out to see the play which starts at 2 PM. And I will be alongside helping her to her seat. This is going to be a rough outing for her, but she really wants to see her daughter perform. With plenty of pain killers, I hope we can make it through.

Afterwards I'm gonna spend some last minute quality time with my mother in law and then she is off on the 8 PM flight back to Maine. Actually, she flies non-stop to Boston and then will drive 2 hours back home. Oh the baby is crying...time to go.
Be well.
Mike Park