December 15, 2006

I just got a text message from Dan Potthast of MU330. He's currently going to Disneyworld Animal Kingdom in Florida. The pitter patter of my heart is of jealousy as he is doing what I have mastered. I.E. getting free stuff whilst on tour. Oh the joy of being an underground artist that can somehow win the hearts of random people across the globe. I must live vicariously through Dan now that I am on sabbatical. He is the perfect role model for me as I know his likes and dislikes and the similarities are scary.

I've been up since 7:30 AM. And I'm not quite sure how I slept. To be perfectly honest I've been quite lucky to have a wife that does all the work in this newborn baby stage of our lives. She's the one who gets up to change the diaper, feed, and basically whatever it takes to soothe our young daughter. And though I wake up, I can lie there half asleep commenting every now and then with a "Is everything ok?" comment. And then fall back asleep. So yeah, I've got it easy. She's a good one. I need to keep her for sure.

Maggie turned 28 days old today. Incredible. She's gained nearly two pounds since day 1 and though she mostly sleeps and poops, I enjoy just lying next to her and looking at her. It brings a smile to my face. Ahhhh..... Right?
Mike Park