November 26, 2003
4:47 PM

I'm back at Asian Man after an adventurous evening last night. First of all, I had gotten in touch with an old friend named Devon who had interviewed skankin' pickle back in 1989 for a zine he had. 14 years later, he emails me and says hey I'm doing my zine again and I want to do an interview. Great! We were supposed to do it at Gilman last Saturday since that's where we did our first interview in 1989 and thought it would be nostalgic to do it again at the same place. Anyways, we couldn't do it that night cause I was busy and blah, blah, blah. to make a long story short. I told Devon I was going up to Sacramento and I could stop by and do the interview on the way up since he lives in Oakland on the way to sac town. He asks what I'm doing in Sacto and I tell him.(Including the fact that I'm gonna sleep in my van) And he says "Can I go". I SAY!!!"Of course"!! Strange that he wanted to go to, but so did I? I can't explain why. Having tons of friends in Sacto offering places to stay, but I just wanted to stay in my van and rough it. Ok, so my evening starts out with a quick run over to my local veggie restaurant. Get a sandwhich and walk over to San Jose St. University which is about 6 blocks away. Their basketball teams home opener was last night and I love basketball. So I head out to the game and plop down my $5 and sit in the front row because there was only about 500 people there. That's a division I college basketball program folks. Some DIVISION I schools draw over 20,000 people a game, but not little ol' san jose st.. Anyways, good game, but I feel sorry for the other team which is UC Santa Cruz. They are a division II school and they don't offer sports scholarships, so they are at a disadvantage and they get killed. I always root for the underdog and it was hard watching the team I like beat this small time sports school. It's usually the other way around and that's why I like San Jose so much. I leave with about ten minutes remaining, head out to oakland, pick up Devon and we head off to Sacramento. It's only 10 PM at this time and we are flying on the freeway and end up in Sacramento at around 11:10. Both of us wide awake, I decide to head on over to the True Love Coffee shop where Kevin Seconds and his wife Allison own this beautiful cafe that's just such an amazing place. They're still open, so hooray for us. We get some green tea and I see Allison and she gets Kevin. This guy is top notch when it comes to quality people. I love him with all my heart. We embrace and talk about our latest efforts in life. It's open mic night at his cafe and we watch some random dudes sing songs pretty badly. Next thing I know Allison asks me "Mike, some of the staff were wondering if you would play some songs". And I say "sure". I didn't have my guitar so Kevin loans me his and up I go to sing a few tracks. Weird, there were only about 7 people there, but I was extremely nervous and played horribly, but it was still fun I guess. Well, it makes the story more interesting at least. Another act of randomness is that I see my old high school friend drinking coffee and I'm like TONI? He was this huge straight edge skin head from the 80's who loved Minor Threat. We talk and meet his girl friend who was super cute and he tells me that he is restoring old vespas and wants to take me to his shop. So we head out to his shop and see some amazing old bikes. I used to ride a vespa back in high school and it made me want to get a bike again. Good memories for sure. We leave the shop and head back to the true love where my van is and say our goodbyes. It's about 1 AM now and me and Devon decide to go to Del Taco. Two bean burritos and I am satisfied!! Yumm yummm... Final destination MORDAM RECORDS. We park, get in our sleeping bags, talk a bit, and I fall asleep. 8 AM!! Wake up freezing!!!!!!!! And I have to pee.. Luckily someone pulls up at 8:05 and I get out of the van and say "Thank GOD you are here". It was a new employee and I probably scared her quite a bit.. After a quick introduction I headed to the toilet. RELIEF!! We loaded up the van and headed back to home. I dropped Devon off, but before we hit up a cafe for some tofu scramble and then I headed home. And here I am.. Wow..that was long. I'm off to hang with an old friend from Boston tonight. Tomorrow is Turkey day. Gobble gobble

Peace, mike park