December 07, 2006

10:17 AM
My mom spoon feeds me pure ginseng. Imagine a small little glass bottle filled with a black gooey tar like substance. Hmmm... let me see. About the size of an aspirin bottle, but again glass. And the cost of this...$150. That's a rough estimate. But this Korean root has been so popularized the last decade for it's medicinal qualities that the root that people are drinking in their fancy drinks, teas, etc.. is just a farmed shadow of the real stuff.

Serious, I've been taking it since I went to Korea earlier this year and I haven't been sick once since that point. Is it a coincidence? Or is it the real deal? Hmmm...

Whatever, I'm just glad I'm healthy during the cold season. It's sickening to see the amount of junk in my moms house. Years and years of stuff dating back to the 60's clutter every nook and cranny. What do you do with this stuff? If someone isn't willing to part with junk, you're in for a rude awakening one of these days. I'm trying to go through stuff and alleviate some of the clutter. But it takes forever to do this as every relic has me reflecting on the past. FUN FUN
Mike Park