December 06, 2006

7:43 AM
I've been up since 6, but I slept solidly for nearly 6 hours, so no sympathy needed. I've been surfing the web reading about SHIN SPLINTS and suggested relief or cures or anything. Mostly it just says to rest, but I don't have time for that. So I'll just cross my fingers and hope the pain goes away. How's that for medical ingenuity?

My wife has been taking the brunt of the baby blues. That is breast feeding, diaper changing, and problem solving when baby cries and cries. I've had it easy this past week and I think she's burnt out. I'll have to step up and do more. Poor thing. The baby doesn't like going in her crib. But I've got her in there now. And it's been nearly an hour. Hooray!!

I wrote a song about wrestling the other night. A silly song per se. Something that has been missing in my repertoire for nearly a decade it seems. I need to buy some kind of recording gear, so I can post new sounds up on my site or myspace or something. And a bunch of SKA stuff is being written. Mostly for a band called KEMURI from Japan, but hopefully I can do some band recordings too.

I'm going to take my mother in law to IN AND OUT BURGER today for lunch. It's her favorite place in California. Wonder if the rest of America will get to experience this place one day??? Hmmmm...
Mike Park