December 05, 2006

10:40 AM
Happy Tuesday. My neighbor went dumpster diving yesterday behind a mormon church nearby and found 5 plastic XMAS trees. She's insane in a good way. But I was going to get one(a tree) this week, so she saved me $40. Thank you dear neighbor. Less than three weeks before XMAS. Insane!! I despise shopping more than you can imagine. Add the XMAS insanity and I'm losing my mind. I need to do all my shopping in one day. Get there early on a weekday and just forge ahead. The traffic jams, the packed malls, the fake santa, the consumerism, the decor, the sounds of xmas songs, the egg nog shakes, the green and's a little too much for me. Geez, I sound like scrooge. But I do enjoy the holidays. Walking through the park, seeing the neighborhood light up, going to XMAS parties, watching XMAS television specials, and blah blah blah. I just hate shopping whether it's xmas or not. What do you think? Do you like malls? Hmmmm...

I have an obsession with obscure college sports. In particular SAN JOSE STATE(My alma mater).
The difference between SJSU and DUKE basketball is the true David and Goliath scenario. DUKE sells out every game and their student body section goes insane. SJSU is lucky to have 500 people, which is about 8% capacity and their student section consists of about 20 people in Yellow shirts yelling profanities at people. DUKE is always a top ten team and SJSU is lucky to win 10 games. And for some strange reason I love it so much.

Why is this? I try to go to every game humanly possible. Trying to beg different friends to go is like pulling teeth. Nobody cares, but this year I've already gotten two people to go and they both are ready for more. YAY!! If you read this blog and are willing to go to a game, friggin email me. Serious.

My mom is doing better, the baby is rockin, my mother in law is making delicious food, and I'm doing wonderfully. Again, HAPPY TUESDAY! The best day of the week perhaps??
Mike Park