December 01, 2006

10:13 AM
It's feeling a lot like winter these days. Or fall, depending on where you're from. Snow has fallen twice in the last 30 years and both times, not enough to stick for more than a few hours. Yeah, we are wimps. But the temperature did drop below freezing. Does that count for anything? Well, I love this time of year. The beautiful colors on all the leaves. I like seeing streets lined with piles of the aforementioned debris and thoughts of falling backwards and being cushioned so delicately. I guess if I did that now, my 215 LB body would just fall straight to the concrete, unless I built a mountain of leaves so high that myself, Andre the Giant, and Yao Ming would all be in ecstacy over. What the heck am I talking about?

I got a card from a woman named Audrey Kittridge from INDIANA. It was a musical greeting card congratulating Monica and I on the birth of Maggie. You open it up and it plays Wonderful World sung by Louis Armstrong. And though I don't even know this person, it made me smile and I wanted to thank her in case she reads my blog.

Sigh... I'm in good spirits. There's so much to look forward to and I'm really excited. Like the POINTER SISTERS song. You know that one? Well, there's much to do, so I'll leave you be. Have a wonderful weekend.
Mike Park