November 30, 2006

12:32 PM
I had around 10 people write me within the last 24 hours to say that COSTCO: a good company
B.exists on the East Coast their employees well
D.rules and WAL MART SUCKS

That's good to know. I'm learning everyday. $250 spent at COSTCO and what did I get?? Not much. My goodness, money just melts away. I did eat a lot samples. That's always a positive. They had ice cream and since it was such a cold day, people were neglecting this treasure, so I went back for thirds. It is good. The people working don't care. I'm sure they just want to get rid of their needed quota or whatnot and they are done.

Things are settling down for the first time in two weeks. Though my mom is still in acute pain, she is optimistic and so are we that she will be back on her feet in a couple months doing all the things she did before. But it's a sigh of relief to just engage in some normality. Though my baby doesn't like sleeping in her crib, that's the kind of stuff I want to worry about.

Monica's mom is coming to visit for 2 weeks. It'll be nice to have her here. She's never flown solo and from what I hear she's a scaredy cat. WAH WAH.. But yeah, she's coming this weekend, her sister the next and I'm just trying to keep organized. Be well.
Mike Park