November 29, 2006

12:43 PM
I'm about to embark on the evil empire of COSTCO. It's like SAMS CLUB for people in the east coast. I'm not gonna be a hypocrite and talk smack about a big corporation and then go shopping in the shield of darkness. Though I wish I could be almighty and comopletely use the indie philosophy, I've hopelessly failed in that department and must admit that I am a COSTCO member.

Convenience has outweighed being wholesome, but I still to this day have never bought a cd from BEST BUY, so I'm still a good guy right? Damn, it's hard to deny the fact that I can buy gas, get tires, fill my prescription, get my eyes examined, eat free samples, and buy toilet paper all the same place. What am I trying to say? Not sure, this is just the first thing that popped in my head and now I'm rambling some more.

I slept well last night. ALmost 10 hours which is incredible. I found the trick to staying awake when you are dead tired. Freeze yourself. I was so cold at work yesterday, wearing flip flops, shorts, t-shirt, and hoodie, but instead of bundling up, I shivered my way through the day and felt alert as can be. And I don't have a cold, so I win right?

Ok, I better to go to the store.
Mike Park