November 27, 2006

8:33 AM
Yesterday morning, my mom slipped and fell. She has a compressed fracture on her spine and will be out of commission for 2 months. It happened a little bit before 7 AM as my phone informed me of my missed call, but it was in the other room.(Damn me for missing that call) Hearing her message of despair was/is heartbreaking. She ended up calling 911 and an ambulance whisked her away having to break down the door to get to her.

My sister, brother in law, and I sped away trying to find out what hospital she was at? We had no idea. An empty house with a broken door were our only clues. We went to the nearby hospital, but no mom. Tom sped faster as we found out she was taken to Kaiser in San Jose. Nearly 20 minutes away, we got there in 10 to find dear old mom safe and sound in emergency room #7.

Luckily she is fine, but those 30 minutes of unknown certainty was killing us softly. She's such an active woman for her age. I can't imagine the insanity that will fill her mind the next two months. If able, she'll be doing things within the first few weeks, I guarantee it.

Fatherhood has taken on a whole new meaning. There's no way to explain a parents worry. Our little one is struggling with a bad case of jaundice. Which we've been reassured is no big deal, even though little one is having a bit more trouble getting rid of it. Nonetheless, it's worry time as day 10 is today and she will go back to the hospital for the 6th time. She has pricks all over the bottoms of her feet for blood tests. We will go back there in a few minutes hoping that her levels have gone down. It leaves an empty knot in my stomach. She looks healthy as can be and we are doing everything the nurses/doctors tell us to do. But her levels aren't where they should be.

Once I know things are clear and safe, I'll finally be able to breathe normally. Throw in the added stress of holiday season craziness at work and you've got me walking on all fours hoping to see Marlon Brando in a re-ramped ISLAND OF DR. MOUREAU(Spelling??) Anyways, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about,so I'll stop now. Hoping for the best today. Be well.
Peace, mike park