November 14, 2006

8:42 AM
Who has I CHAT?? Anybody? I just got a new computer, but because of my lack of skills, can't figure out how to use this thing that shows my face whilst chatting. Anybody willing to tell me what to do? I have AOL, so shouldn't I just be able to use it if somebody else has this capability? Hmmm... so many questions from me. Sorry.

But yeah, just get in touch ( if you have it and can show me what to do. We can set up a time to chat. FUN FUN. Eh??

We had a nice steady flow of rain the past 24 hours and now the sun is shining bright with just a few scattered clouds. This is wonderful as I really don't mind non-thunderstrom conditions and now I don't have to water the plants for a few days. Yes!!

Skylar at Asian Man is very excited for the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He showed me the trailer yesterday at work(Yeah, we work pretty hard) and I just didn't see what was so exciting. Perhaps because the show was never a part of my youth. I was already drinking 40 OZ of malt liquor behind the high school when Skylar was running around in his Spider-man underoos, so perhaps that is a reason?? His wife seemed to agree that there was nothing special about the trailer. But dang, I'll still watch the movie. And hopefully it will be life altering.

Be well.
Mike Park