November 10, 2006

10:25 AM
Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 37.....37 sounds old, but I still feel like I'm 17. Despite the aches and pains from too much basketball, I am just an oversized kid really..... I guess playing 6 days a week doesn't sit well on the joints of an old man. And then I try to compete with the youngsters with the frame of mind that I'll show them what this old man can do type of attitude. DOH!!!

I was going to have a party, but opted against it due to the fact that the timing isn't the best. When your wife is due with your first child, life gets put on hold or at least things get put into perspective. To be honest, everything revolves around the birth. Being accesible 24/7, knowing that the baby could be coming. So things will be mello this year. Just a simple dinner at my mothers home, along with my sister and brother in law. And of course Monica. But still, if you feel inclined to send gifts, then please do so by paypaling me money at
Minimum gift is $100. Please, no twenty's...

It's strange to think that Xmas is right around the corner. Neighbors are starting to put up holiday decor and soon the streets will be lined with candy canes illuminated by strings of light. There's a big park that I drive by each morning and they have a big display of holiday cheer, which they are starting to gear up with huge xmas displays. Damn, time flies. Anyways, I'm gonna try to be productive today. Get some work done and then eat tacos for dinner. Enjoy your weekend.
Peace always,
Mike Park