November 07, 2006

9:38 AM
Voting is SEXY!! These are stickers that I made for the 2004 election. I had printed up 10,000 and still had about 5,000 left over. Too bad for me I forgot these existed until yesterday. That's the problem with me. I pack things up for a future event and then forget about them to be lost for ever and ever. This can be good or bad. In the case of the stickers....BAD!! I should have been putting them in with every order we sent out. In the case of rare Alkaline Trio vinyl.....GOOD!! Then I can sell it on EBAY for big $$$$!!!!!

In Austin, TX. there is a gentleman named Jerm Pollet(he was in the band gals panic) who started a cult phenomenon by hosting a Mystery Science Theater type of show at a local theater. Word spread and the next thing he knew, every show was selling out. Now he has brought his act on tour and will be performing in San Jose. Yes, San Jose....That's where I am located. There are usually three persons involved in the screening of a movie, but one of the guys couldn't make it, so Jerm asked Dan Potthast to fill in. Jerm flew in last night and gave Dan a crash course on the jokes they would be delivering for the movie TERMINATOR. How appropriate.... But yeah, I'm excited to see this.

Mike Park