November 03, 2006

10:13 AM
For some reason it dawned on me that the band Short Round was in a B movie called MALIBU SPRING BREAK. So I checked NETFLIX and there it was. Receiving 5 reviews, all negative, but to the top of my queue it went.

Yesterday it arrived and what a wonderful movie it is. Top notch acting, great dialogue, the nude scenes done tastefully, and the producer/director should be quite proud of such an amazing effort. Actually, I didn't watch it. Straight to scene selections and under #7 was "PARTY" with a picture of Nate and James from Short Round. I clicked and watched the fun ensue with the scene starting with a drum roll by James. But as I continued to watch, there was something missing?? They didn't show the singer?? Did I miss something? I rewinded a bit before the "Party" scene and then fast forwarded past the "Party" scene, but no Jason? Why would they exclude the singer? Could it be because he's a 5'5" Asian? Maybe he doesn't fit the right stereotype for this movie?? I.E. white chicks with big boobs and white dudes with 6 pack abs partying down in Malibu? Hmmmm....

Anyways, I was able to put that movie back in the mail the same day, so I don't feel so bad about wasting a Netflix movie. Actually, it wouldn't have been a waste. Watching that small bit of cinematic history was well worth the effort.

There is a new singer/songwriter that Asian Man Records has been talking with. His name is Mike Hale and he was previously in a band called GUNMOLL from Gainsville. They had a record out on No Idea and did some touring a few years back. Recenly, he's relocated to Santa Barbara, California and made the 5 hour drive yesterday to hang out, drink tea, and just talk.

It's strange, but most bands that come from the label NO IDEA seem to have the same genuine kindness. Mike Hale reminded me of Chuck from Planes Mistaken From Stars, combined with another Chuck from Hot Water Music. Pleasant, kind, enlghtening, and good conversation.

The 10 hour round trip drive couldn't have been fun. He was only able to hang out for 4 hours, but we did manage to take him to TOFU COM CHIEY.

Monica came along and then I forced her to come with me to a basketball game. I only convinced one of interns to come to. Why is it that I love obscure college basketball?? Even though I just ate dinner, I managed to waste another $9 on a soda and nachos. Yummm... Healthy.

Actually, I woke up this morning with pains in my belly and now I'm eating Oatmeal sipping tea hoping my body will forgive me for the torture. Have a splendid weekend people.
Mike Park