November 02, 2006

11:18 AM
I look scary unshaven. Especially with my hair in a buzz cut. But I can't find my electric razor and cannot shave with a blade due to excessive bleeding. I'll tough it out for a few days and then buy a new razor if needed.

My hair is growing back faster than one can ever imagine. I've always had such a thick head of hair that grows magically fast as if some TV infomercial's vita-grow was poured upon my head. I guess it's a blessing in many ways. I hate to be mean, but most bald dudes look.......well, they look bald. The saving grace is to completely shave your head. And in some cases, certain heads just don't look good. You know what I'm saying??

Monica went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and the doc said "Ya know... I think the baby is coming early". The head has already dropped, her cervix is dialated and holy moly I'm freaking out. Well, not freaking out. I'm just getting ready for this chapter of my life to end and thus begin the next one. FUN FUN
Mike Park