November 01, 2006

8:57 AM
We survived another Halloween with limited damage. It seems the number of children living on our side of town decreases yearly, but nonetheless, we are left with tons of extra candy consisting of KIT KATS and REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. Yeah, that's all good cause I like candy. It's yummy.

Monica and I ended up going to IN and OUT BURGER at around 8:10 PM hoping the Trick or Treaters were done for the night. I put a bowl of candy outside just in case. Have you ever had french fries animal style at IN AND OUT? Well, I did. It was a first for me. Fries smothered in onions, cheese, and thousand Island dressing type of sauce. More health food. Wash it down with a coke and end the night watching the documentary TREKKIES while eating kit kats and reeses. Holy moly.....What am I doing to myself?
Mike Park