October 30, 2006

8:12 AM
Turn the clocks back and you win another hour of sleep.. Yeah......that's great for the first day, but after that initial thrill you face the reality of darkness at just past 5 PM. You wince with dismay at the cold and dreary winter that is soon upon us. Fortunately I live in northern California and the fear of a real winter is not really a factor. We are spoiled I know this, but look at the housing prices and you'll see that we pay in other ways.

Myself, Monica, sister, and brother in law went to eat Korean food yesterday, but our favorite restaurant was closed on the Lords day. We ended up driving in circles for the next 20 minutes and somehow settled on CHINA CHINA buffet. My goodness, why do I torture myself. Such a bad experience. I spent the rest of the day carted up on the couch simply wheezing from the girth that was piled up in my colon. Since then, I've been able to relieve myself of the buffet and am almost back to normal.

Halloween is tomorrow. I wonder how many children will come to our house? Maybe I should dress up like a monster and scare kids. I can hide in the bushes and then jump out of nowhere. I will keep all the lights off except for one pumpkin illuminated by a birthday cake size candle. What do you think?
Mike Park