October 27, 2006

11:02 AM
It's an interesting mix of people that come see a band featuring the lead singer of a band that has received a certain level of fame. Albeit still small to the general yahoo(whatever that's supposed to mean...take it for what you will), but nonetheless big to me and you. And that band of course is the Alkaline Trio. And I'm speaking of the Heavens show last night at the Bottom of the Hill. Featuring Matt Skiba and his receding hair line.(that's not a diss, just an observation)

I met up with Matt early before the show and we went out to dinner. There is a place near 21st and Valencia called Jays and they offer a vegan cheese steak that is delicioso!! Along with a basket of fries, we were quite pleased as he discussed the current gossip in the life of a touring musician. It's always fun to hear. It had been quite some time since I saw him, so it was nice to talk in the non-club atmosphere.

I had to leave early, so I only caught three songs. The band sounded great and Matt is a natural frontman extroardinaire. Sold out show and a very excited audience to see Matt. I wonder how that makes the rest of the band feel? Are they just happy to be playing or do they wish people were there to see them. I've always wondered how a band like NO DOUBT feels about the fact that people just want to see Gwen. Let's say Gwen quit the band and the rest of the men forged ahead with a new singer. Would anyone go? Hmmmm...

Anyways, before the show I met a woman who helped start an all ages music project in Seattle called the VERA PROJECT. She now lives in SF and I asked if she would meet with me and discuss some of her knowledge in helping me my Plea For Peace project in San Jose.

At this point in my life, the project seems a lifetime away, but it's hard to ignore the fact that kids from all over the world have donated to the idea that I've put forth and to give up on this would be detrimental to my well being. Anyways, these meetings are necessary. To keep me motivated. I've started turning the wheels again and hopefully can gather more momentum and make it a reality. Am I motivated? mmmm... a little bit. But I've got to do good. I've got to do good.
Mike Park