October 26, 2006

9:54 AM
I rented XMEN 3 for the deleted scenes, but was disapointed by the results. Very short outakes on alternate endings.. blah blah..They needed more Kitty Pride or at least a special just on her. Oh well, life aint perfect.

This past weekend, we went to Costco in Santa Cruz and bought bulk foods. One of the items was a big can of tomatoes and then a 12 pack of tomato paste. On Sunday night Monica made tomato sauce for our pasta. Yummm... Right? Well, since the can was so big she ended up making enough to feed twenty people. I've had pasta every day since including brunch and dinner yesterday. And still, there's so much sauce left. We'll be inventive tonight and use it for pizza.

Well, I've gotten the green light from Monica to go out tonight. The Heavens are playing in San Francisco this evening and I'll make my way there early today and hang out with Matt. Haven't seen him for a long time, so I'm excited to see his face. Perhaps we'll eat veggie cheese steaks off of Valencia? Me hopes so.
Mike Park